The Temporary Trio came together accidentally. Su started off as the founder of the trio with a bundle of tunes from various sessions and recordings. She introduced Old TIme music and the playing style to Tony on guitar and Keith being very keen, joined them later with harmonicas and other interesting noises! Together they performed three or four tunes at a time at open mic nights.

As the Trio gained more experience in the music, more interest from the audience increased that demand for them to perform longer sets became the next step.

The term 'temporary', is to include the flexibility that they are not just a fixed band, but an open session if there were others that would like to join them, but of course under certain circumstances dependent of where they are and who you were!

In the future, when they are old and wrinkly and well learned, they may begin a session somewhere not too far away where they do not have to cycle or drive long distances to jam and bring others in to share the tradition.

Su has not long picked up the banjo but is academically trained in various forms of music from a youngish age and graduated at Dartington College at 2006. Having plucked and strummed on everything and had not settled, she was told by a member from a Somerset band, Thunderbridge Bluegrass Boys that she should learn the banjo! Su became attached to the sound of clawhammer banjo in Old Time music and came across banjo player Adam Hurt from North Carolina. When she found out he was teaching in the UK at Sorefingers 2010, she could not refuse to go.
  When there are breaks from the Trio, Su continues to play at local sessions to learn about the traditions as well as run her own business in website and multi-media design.

Tony has played and composed music since a young age. He has scored music for theatre and for the web. His most ambitious projects include co-writing the score for an original musical about King Kong and setting Shakespeare's words to song in a production of As You Like It, updated to the 1960s! His recent sojourn into Old Time has opened up many seams of inspiration and his appreciation of the genre continues to grow and grow the more he learns.

Keith has played harmonicas and guitar in his early days in pubs and blues bands. He has come away from the pubby stuff and started writing his own material for his electronically psychedelic, experimental band Long Meg. Su has worked with Keith longest and is one of the most focused players she knows! She has worked with him in Long Meg as a laptop player and organisey person. Keith continues to write wonderfully melodic and inspiring songs, some of which you may hear with the Trio.

Photography by Amano Samarpan
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