Su as a Musician
pic Su has been a musician since the age of 16 starting on guitar with good ol' Oasis tunes! Then she got bored and became interested in folk music picking up the mandolin with melodies and then advancing tunes on banjo and fiddle as an Old Time musician. After graduating from Dartington College of Arts in 2006 in Music as a performer, she is regularly performing in the South West. You may see her in local sessions and occasionally in a duo called Southern Belle with Vic Wilcox. It was her former group, The Temporary Trio that pushed her performance to a new level with the group performing on a regular basis across the south west.

Su has been known to be a 'library' of tunes but now struggles to remember how they all begin! She has become the webmaster at Friends Of American Old Time Music And Dance's website where she has built a large connection with a community of old time musicians.

Sue has also been teaching since 2007.

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pic Music lessons on a range of instruments are available where Su is based in Somerset, UK (or online!) at £30 per hour. One hour lessons per week or fortnight are recommended instead of over an hour in one day.

Su specialises in Old Time music but can cover other genres in folk, she teaches mainly banjo and mandolin but due to her reputation in teaching methods, she has been asked to teach instruments she doesn't even advertise! These are just some of what the lessons will cover in both beginner and intermediate level:

  • Basics on the instrument and instrument setup.
  • Tuning
  • Different tunings
  • Reading music notation (some instruments)
  • Left & right Technique
  • Muscle memory
  • Subconscious performance
  • Confidence & memory improvement
  • Duo work
  • Avoiding aches & pains!
  • Links to a jam sessions of all abilities without being put on the spot.
  • Lots of tunes!

  • Having been taught by performers, her teaching style is very informal and all about being comfortable with making funny noises on the instruments. "It doesn't matter what notes you play, as long as they are on time' will be her quote." Always remember that and then you're almost there!
    With the informal style of teaching aside, Su has also been taught classical methods from classical guitar that will transfer easily to the instrument of your choice. These methods are very important to take on to improve speed and accuracy of your playing as well as avoiding injuries.

    Online Lessons via Skype, Zoom, Facetime etc
    If you wish to venture into the digital world of having lessons via the internet, this also is possible with the use of webcam communication.


    Private lessons Mandolin & Fiddle 2021
    "Totally recommend Su as a music teacher. She has taught me mandolin for 4 years and fiddle for 1 year, plus a bit of guitar and double bass. This has been online and face to face. I'm in my 60s and don't want to be bothered with exams and minute serious details of technique. I want to make music and perform as best as I can. So Su's teaching is just right for me . She makes it fun, and has a way of finding the positive, and of finding the funny side when playing goes wrong. She knows her stuff and is a talented musician. She has introduced me to a whole world of old time music I knew nothing about and made me welcome in the music sessions she leads both online and in the real world. These are a joy The main thing is that thanks to Su my mandolin and fiddle playing has gone from 0 to 60 in very quick time. Don't hesitate to book up some lessons with Su before she gets too long a waiting list." - Nick W

    Private lessons Banjo 2021
    "I was a complete beginner at the banjo when I first went to Su for lessons. She patiently guided me through my instrument set-up, basic clawhammer techniques and a few simple old-time tunes. From there she skillfully taught me more advanced tunes and playing techniques until I was confident enough to play with others. She even gave me great advice on buying a new banjo. Lessons with Su are really relaxed and enjoyable and I always come away from them humming a new tune that she has taught me! She's a friendly, welcoming and above all patient tutor and I would highly recommend her.." - Simon P

    Gainsborough 2015 Banjo Workshop (Intermediate level) Review
    "I attended Su Mo's beginners banjo workshop at Gainsborough 2015. I liked the way she asked around the class to establish each student's playing experience and ability. I also liked the way she worked through techniques rather than just knocking out a 'new tune'. She also managed to convey the 'feeling' that you should get when mastering a technique. I think that most, if not all students, gained from the experience and if they took away the three or four small exercises and mastered them, the improvement would be quite significant. I would definitely attend another Su Mo workshop." - Lyndon Smith

    'Permanent EP'

    Temporary Trio

    Former group Temporary Trio EP of Appalachian Old Time tunes and songs with Tony Leach on guitar, vocals & Keith Marsden on percussion. 

    'Tea Party' EP

    Contemporary folk
    Part of study of composition in Somerset College of Art and Technology 2001.

        "...ensured to promote a feeling of well being and at one with the world, in the most frustrating traffic jam....."Malcolm Buckler 

    Play song
    'Let Me Hear You Smile'

    Angeline The Baker (Lesson 11)
    Student - banjo. Su - Guitar.

    Coleman's March (short notice open mic with US guests FOAOTMAD Fest 2015)
    Su - banjo. Carl Jones - mandolin. Erynn Marshall - fiddle.

    Westfork Gals/Puncheon Camps (reheasal)
    Su - banjo. Tony Leach - guitar.

    Peg & Awl (rehearsal)
    Su - fiddle. Tony Leach - guitar & vocals. Keith Marsden - percussion.

    Durang's Hornpipe (session with guests Canote Brothers)
    Su - banjo. Canotes - guitar & fiddle and session goers!

    The Creek's All Muddy & The Pond's All Dry (rehearsal)
    Su - banjo. Tony Leach - guitar.

    White House Blues (Temporary Trio EP)
    Su - banjo. Tony Leach - guitar & vocals. Keith Marsden - harmonica.

    Past and Current groups & miscellaneous
    Instrument Research
    The Dulcitone? What is it?
    Long Meg
    Past Project - Experimental band.
    The Temporary Trio
    Past Project - Old Time Trio
    Southern Belle
    Current Project - Old Time Duo